Meet Our Members and Providers

"We're the arms connecting the community with health services. We want to make sure every family has what they need to be successful."

What happens when a woman in the throes of addiction gets the right help.

North by Northeast Community Health Center develops a new approach to community health

     Senior Investigator, Mitch Greenlick Endowed Scientist for
     Health Disparities, Kaiser Permanente Center for
     Health Research

     Epidemiologist studying health disparities related to cancer
     prevention among underserved populations.

Family dentist
Founding doctor of Family Dental Care



Primary care doctor, and Clinical Vice President of Primary Care for Legacy Medical Group

Member Guide/Customer Service Representative, Health Share of Oregon

Nurse practitioner, Housecall Providers
Board member, Health Share of Oregon

Psychiatrist and Executive Director, OHSU Avel Gordly Center for Healing
Assistant Professor of Public Psychiatry, OHSU

Community Outreach Coordinator, Central City Concern and Member, Health Share’s Community Advisory Council