Healthy Homes

The Healthy Homes Asthma Program, currently operating in Multnomah and Klamath Counties, is a model that supports better health by improving asthma control, provides better health care by communicating the family situation to providers and enhancing the clinical Asthma Control Plan, and reduces cost by decreasing emergency department utilization and hospitalization The model uses the Center for Disease Control Best Practice guidance and Effectiveness Review recommendations for asthma control programs that improve symptom free days, avert costs of Emergency Department and hospitalization use, school days missed and unscheduled office visits. This project will implement the Healthy Homes Asthma Intervention Home Visit Program in Washington and Clackamas Counties. The program is committed to supporting health equity, evidenced based practice, quality improvement, and the collection of uniform data that supports evaluation.

The program consists of:

  • A multidisciplinary team with a nurse case manager
  • Provision of supplies including vacuum cleaners, green cleaning materials, mattress covers
  • Multiple housing partners who work to facilitate structural repairs or relocation
  • An evaluation component that drives quality practice change and defined outcomes

Over an average period of 6 months (4-8 month range), families receive an average of 7.5 home visits – an average of 4 are visits from a Community Health Nurse and 3.5 visits are from a Community Health Worker. Assessments and interventions are family focused, culturally cognizant and are based on the trans theoretical model of behavior change and the self-efficacy theory. Intervention techniques include motivational interviewing and empowerment/popular education principles.


Funders: State Transformation Fund Grant

Current Status: Clackamas and Washington Counties are working collaboratively with Multnomah County to develop and implement the Healthy Homes program. Staff have been hired and trained, supplies have been purchased, and home visits have started.

Contact Information: Clackamas County – Cathy Perry,  
Washington County – Kathleen O’Leary, kathleen_o’