Primary Care

Together, Health Share’s partners have made significant progress in critical health metrics, including increasing colorectal cancer and child development screening rates, reducing Emergency Department (ED) utilization and significantly increasing the number of members seen in a Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH).

Primary care physicians (PCP) work closely with a member’s other specialists, including behavioral and dental care providers, as well as with community health workers, peer specialists, and other health care providers. In addition, by working in collaboration and sharing electronic health records, PCPs and hospitals can reduce medical errors and duplication of tests and medications.

Continuing implementation and development of the PCPCH model is key to the Health Share’s goals, allowing us to better serve a patient population that is more complex, often with multiple chronic diseases. Coordinated care contributes to achieving the Triple Aim by not only improving the quality of care and the member’s experience, but contributing to lowering the cost of delivering health care.

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