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Applied Behavioral Analysis - About & Steps to Care

Wraparound Program for Youth & Families

Specialty Behavioral Health and Integrated Services Overview: PDF

CIM Messaging Overview: PDF

Paper Claim Submission Guidelines: PDF

How to Add a New User to CIM: PDF

Guide to Register with Payspan: PDF

Submitting a Corrected Claim: PDF

TPL, Claims Submission, Timely Filing, and Adjudication Overview: PDF

Member Billing Regulations: PDF

Member Interpretation Services: PDF

Member Non-Emergent Medical Transportation Services: PDF

Confirming Member Eligibility Requirements and Overview: PDF

Flexible Services Overview & Procedure: PDF

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Overview: PDF

Mental Health Access Report Overview: PDF

MOTS Reporting Overview: PDF

Oregon Medicaid Enrollment Requirements: PDF

PHI and HIPAA Compliance: PDF

Provider Rosters & Practitioner Data Updates: PDF

Credentialing and Re-Credentialing Requirements: PDF

Credentialing Process: PDF

Health Share Contacts: PDF

Outpatient Mental Health FFS Provider PA Request Process Overview: PDF

Inpatient Mental Health/Acute Care Guidelines: PDF

Mental Health Day Treatment Clinic Services Guidelines: PDF

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Service Guidelines: PDF

Service Authorization Guidelines for Procedures: PDF