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Reversing the Stigma of Opioid Addiction

September 19, 2018|NBC Left Field |by NBC Left Field

America’s opioid epidemic continues to ravage every area of the country; today, opioid overdoses are the leading cause of death for people under the age of 50. The first step to solving the opioid epidemic may be reversing the stigma on medically assisted treatment.

Parents celebrate having a place at the table

July 25, 2018|Early Learning Multnomah|by Early Learning Multnomah-United Way of the Columbia Willamette

Early Learning Multnomah’s annual Parent Accountability Council (PAC) celebration is a lot like a big family reunion. Families gather on a sunny day in mid-July, coo over new babies, keep a close eye on toddlers mastering first steps, and share stories that lead to fits of laughter.

Oregon CCOs performed well on quality measures in 2017

July 5, 2018|Portland Business Journal|by Elizabeth Hayes

Fourteen of the state's 16 CCOs earned their incentive payments by meeting quality care benchmarks last year, with Health Share reaping $43.7 million and FamilyCare $20.2 million.

Vermont’s Hub-and-Spoke Approach to Opioid Treatment Catching On

5/22/2018|Health Informatics |by David Raths

“Wheelhouse is sponsored by Health Share of Oregon, which serves approximately 300,000 Medicaid members in the Portland area. increase availability and access to MAT. CODA and another organization, Central City Concern (CCC) make up the hub.”

Health Share switches non-emergency transport vendors after members complain

5/22/2018|Portland Business Journal|by Elizabeth Hayes

We want transportation providers that really see themselves as part of the health care delivery system, not just a driver giving a ride,” said Jeremy Koehler, Health Share’s manager for contracting and network development.

Health Share prepares for next contract round and getting members ‘Ready + Resilient’

4/2/2018|Portland Business Journal|by Elizabeth Hayes

"While the procurement process for the second round of five-year CCO contracts is in the very early stages, Meyer and other Health Share leadership have already crafted a vision for carrying out their priorities as the CCO matures into its next phase."

Health Share welcomes new members (Opinion)

2/12/2018|The Oregonian|by Janet Meyer

“The entire Health Share team is committed to making this transition continue as smoothly as possible for members. Together with our partners, members and health care providers, we will continue to be advocates for progress while pursuing the best possible health for everyone.”

Better Health Care for Communities of Color (Opinion)

2/7/2018|Portland Observer|by Michael Anderson-Nathe

"Health equity is achievable and requires deliberate action on our part. That's what we believe at Health Share of Oregon..."

Toward equity in health care, deliberately and thoughtfully (opinion)

2/5/18|Basic Rights Oregon|by Michael Anderson-Nathe

“…this moment [i]s an opportunity to make sure our provider network is meeting our community’s needs and to act even more deliberately and thoughtfully to advance equity for our members and all Oregonians.”

Health Share grows by 102K new Medicaid members in a day

2/2/2018|Portland Business Journal|by Elizabeth Hayes

"Call volume was up today, but overall, the transition has gone smoothly, Meyer said."

Health Share of Oregon, Health Catalyst expand behavioral health analytics program

12/19/2017|Healthcare Finance|by Jeff Lagasse

In an effort to lower the cost of healthcare, and further enhance quality in the bargain, Health Share of Oregon and Health Catalyst have expanded their partnership through the implementation of a data-first application platform and associated tools.

Trauma Among Foster Kids Leads To Health Issues In Later Life

12/12/2017|Oregon Public Broadcasting|by Kristian Foden-Vencil

The Portland area coordinated care organization Health Share commissioned the report, saying it’s trying to improve care for people who’ve been through the foster care system.

Health organizations join Tri-County opioid treatment network, expanding access to Medication Assisted Treatment

9/20/2017|State of Reform|by Health Share of Oregon

New partners include trusted and experienced mental health and substance use providers, Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, De Paul Treatment Centers, LifeWorks Northwest and Sequoia Mental Health Services, Inc.

Health Share of Oregon Invests $3M in Community Workers

8/15/17|The Skanner News|by Health Share of Oregon

This investment continues Oregon’s leadership in transforming health care, even in the face of threats at the federal level.

Delaying health care tax risks care for a million Oregonians (Opinion)

8/6/17|Oregonian|by Janet Meyer

Oregon's health system transformation is already showing tremendous results, but it's far from complete. We must continue improving the system if we are to impact the cycle of poverty, reducing health care costs and improving health in the long term.

Health Share Earns $40.9M in Quality Incentive Funds

7/12/2017|State of Reform|by Health Share of Oregon

Through pay-for-performance program, Health Share of Oregon earns funds to reinvest in the community.

Thought Leader Forum: The current health care landscape

6/23/2017|Portland Business Journal|by PBJ

As Americans wait for a new health care bill, five local experts [including Health Share CEO Janet Meyer] weighed in on affordability, the stability of Oregon's Medicaid program, and how digital health care delivery will affect the future.

CareOregon bends the cost curve on high-risk patients

6/10/2017|Modern Healthcare|by Shelby Livingston

CareOregon launched its health resilience program to break down the many barriers to care experienced by its high-risk Medicaid members, whether it be housing, food or transportation.

The Catastrophic Effects of Mental Health Stigma

5/25/2017|Psychology Today|by Allison Abrams, LCSW-R

According to Mental Health America (MHA), 43.7 million Americans struggle with mental health conditions annually. One out of five of these individuals will not receive the treatment they need. There are many reasons for the gap in care, but stigma and discrimination fall high on that list.

Medicaid expansion hangs in balance as lawmakers tackle $1.6B deficit

5/12/2017|Portland Business Journal|by Elizabeth Hayes

Oregon was one of the 31 states that used the Affordable Care Act to expand Medicaid to low-income adults. The program grew from 600,000 to more than 1 million Oregonians, or a quarter of the state's population. Now the federal-state program is on the chopping block at both levels of government,

Health Share of Oregon Releases Five-Year Health Transformation Report

4/18/2017|The Lund Report|by Stephanie Vandehey

After five years of working to transform the health delivery system, efforts continue to show improved care, coordination and outcomes for OHP members.

Health Share Partners Show How They Fight Childhood Adversity, Poverty, and Build Resilience

3/8/2017|The Lund Report|by Jan Johnson

Tuesday's summit gave community partners a chance to tell how they build resilience.

Health care pilot program to assist at-risk Legacy patients

2/28/2017|Hillsboro Tribune|by Travis Loose

To improve and enhance healthcare delivery - and to potentially mitigate preventable hospital visits - Metro West and Health Share of Oregon have partnered with Legacy Health to offer a new community paramedicine pilot program specifically for Health Share patients seen at Legacy's Emanuel, Good Samaritan or Meridian Park Hospitals.

What's Next for Oregon Health Plan?

2/2/2017|Street Roots News|by Amanda Waldroupe

Health Share provides health care to approximately 80,000 of the 350,000 Oregonians who make up the "expansion population", the people now covered by the Oregon Health Plan because of the Affordable Care Act's provision to expand Medicaid in states that accepted additional federal funding... The majority of that population, Meyer said, is under age 45. On average, she said, 300 people have a prescription filled each day. Half of the population have had their teeth cleaned since receiving coverage.

State considering earmarking Medicaid funds for schools for school-readiness programs

1/17/2017|Politico|by Addy Baird

"[New York]...considering a program, first tested in Oregon, that would use Medicaid dollars to better prepare kids for school..."

Federal Government Gives Oregon New Health Care Waiver

1/13/2017|OPB News|by Kristian Foden-Vencil

"Oregon has received a new waiver so it can continue working on the Oregon Health Plan, coordinated care organizations and building a system that focuses on preventing disease as well as treating it."

On Obamacare and Medicaid, let's learn from Oregon and pivot toward what's working (opinion)

1/6/2017|The Hill|by Janet Meyer

"...continued flexibility of the Medicaid program and adequate federal funding have allowed us to take giant leaps toward a health system that does what health systems are meant to do: care for people when they need it, not when it's too late"

Local actions matter in Oregon health care (Opinion)

12/18/2016|The Oregonian|by Janet Meyer

"We have a strong program in Oregon. It's a true private/public solution getting real results"

Health Reform is Working in Oregon (Opinion)

12/8/2016|U.S. News & World Report|by Lynne Saxton

While the early results of Oregon's health transformation are promising, the state still has the ambitious goals to provide better health results and improve health care access while continuing to drive down cost. Health transformation is working in Oregon, and it is because we embraced change and innovation.

Governor's budget taps Oregon hospitals, insurers and CCO's to help plug shortfall

12/7/2016|Portland Business Journal|by Elizabeth Hayes

Janet Meyer, CEO of Portland based Health Share of Oregon, said the governor's budget carries a "bold vision", in that it maintains enrollment and benefits and expands coverage for kids.

Health Share, FamilyCare Members Report Upbeat Views of Care

12/07/2016|The Lund Report|by Courtney Sherwood

Members of the Portland area's major coordinated care organizations, Health Share of Oregon and FamilyCare, are generally happy with the treatment they receive from doctors and other providers on their plans. They feel respected by their physicians and by health plan customer service.

Portland agencies come up with new model for opioid treatment

11/1/2016|Portland Business Journal|by Elizabeth Hayes

Health Share of Oregon, the largest Coordinated Care organization, is spearheading a new opioid treatment model and providing $1.6 million to help make it happen.

Here's how Oregon Medicaid providers saved the system $240M

10/18/2016|Portland Business Journal|by Elizabeth Hayes

The Oregon Health Authority released a study from Portland State University researchers highlighting the savings to the state's health care system from the PCPCH program. The report found the estimated total savings was $240 million between 2012 and 2014.

Mark Lovgren Explains Project ECHO's Telementoring Program

9/14/2016|American Journal of Managed Care|by AJMC

How Project ECHO helps specialists share knowledge with primary care providers.

Why This CCO Makes K-Readiness a Priority

08/15/2016|Children's Institute|by Claire Burdick

Peg King leads Health Share of Oregon’s kindergarten readiness programming. Health Share is the largest Coordinated Care Organization in Oregon, serving approximately 25 percent of the state’s Medicaid patients. It is also one of the most innovative. We talked to King about state health care transformation, Health Share’s commitment to children’s early years, and its burgeoning partnership with Earl Boyles Elementary School in Southeast Portland. We also learned a little bit of Swahili along the way.

Better Integration to Improve Care Outcomes Highlighted at AJMC's ACO Coalition

06/21/2016|American Journal of Managed Care|by Laura Joszt, MA

"In Oregon, there are some unique innovations taking place regarding healthcare delivery...Health Share of Oregon has invested in Project ECHO, a telementoring program that connects specialists with primary care providers..."

Dr. Maggie Bennington-Davis testified before Senate Finance Committee

5/2/2016|The Lund Report|by Dr. David Pollack

Guest Opinion by Dr. David Pollack

Project Nurture: Two Approaches to Integrating Perinatal Care with Substance Use Treatment

4/27/2016|Institute for Healthcare Improvement|by Jeffrey Rakover

IHI Research Associate Jeff Rakover, and Helen Bellanca, MD, Associate Medical Director for Health Share of Oregon, describe the promising work of a program that integrates perinatal care with substance abuse management.

Fostering Health: Coordinating Coverage for Area Foster Children is Moving Forward, Although Challenges Remain

4/18/2016|The Lund Report|by Cathy Siegner

On any given day, there are about 8,500 children ages 0-18 in foster care in Oregon. About 2,300 of them are in Portland's tri-county area (Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties). They may be removed from their homes because of poverty, substance abuse, domestic violence or other issues and may temporarily stay with relatives or be placed with a foster family.

Health Share medical chief and chair of metrics committee suggests using bonus funding for CCOs to double down on disparities

3/2/16|The Lund Report|by Jan Johnson

When it comes to metrics, Dr. Maggie Bennington-Davis, Senior Medical Director at Health Share and chair of the metrics committee, suggests bonus funding might be best spent addressing disparities.

Health Share of Oregon seeks proposals to analyze and assess the Tri-County Metro region’s peer recovery support services

1/14/16|Health Share of Oregon|by Health Share of Oregon

Health Share of Oregon is inviting professional consultants to submit a proposal to analyze and assess the Tri-County Metro region’s peer recovery support services within publicly funded behavioral health systems.

Health Care Forum: Searching for a private sector cure

12/3/15|Oregon Business Magazine|by Linda Baker

Oregon’s pioneering approach to managing health care costs through the coordinated care model continues to expand — and not just in the public sector.

Healthy Columbia Willamette Collaborative Conducts Survey and Listening Groups as part of 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment

10/20/15|Healthy Columbia Willamette|by Adriennce Buesa

This fall the Healthy Columbia Willamette Collaborative (HCWC) is soliciting community feedback for its 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). This initiative includes an online survey designed to identify health needs of our communities.

Oregon Health Authority a polarizing figure in Medicaid transformation

10/9/15|Portland Business Journal|by Elizabeth Hayes

A look at the controversy surrounding the revised 2015 rates paid to Oregon's 16 Coordinated Care Organizations.

Health Share reduces costs by creating patient-centered system

7/14/15|The Lund Report|by Diane Lund-Muzikant

The coordinated care organization, which received a $17.3 million federal grant showed positive results saving $32.5 million during the three-year project.

Dr. Maggie Bennington-Davis promoted to Chief Medical Officer

7/7/15|Health Share of Oregon|by Health Share of Oregon

Health Share of Oregon announced today the promotion of Dr. Maggie Bennington-Davis to Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of the state’s largest Coordinated Care Organization (CCO). Dr. Helen Bellanca, formerly manager of Health Share’s Maternal Child Family program, has been appointed Associate Medical Director

Presentations by Community Health Improvement Plan grant recipients lead agenda for Community Advisory Council’s July 10 public meeting

7/2/15|Health Share of Oregon|by Health Share of Oregon

The four organizations which received grants from Health Share of Oregon’s 2015 Community Health Improvement Plan will give presentations on the results of their grant projects at the July 10 meeting of Health Share’s Community Advisory Council.

Health Share of Oregon meets 100% of Oregon Health Authority 2014 Incentive Measures for Coordinated Care Organizations

6/26/15|Health Share of Oregon|by Health Share of Oregon

Tri-County Metro CCO is awarded over $34.5 million, which will be reinvested
in and build on Health Share’s health reform efforts for Oregon Health Plan Members

Personalizing medicine with tailored social services

6/24/15|NPR Marketplace|by Dan Gorenstein

Under the Affordable Care Act, more people at the margins are getting insurance through Medicaid.

The challenge in pairing the sick with social services

6/23/15|NPR Marketplace|by Dan Gorenstein

Dr. David Labby's quest to keep chronically ill and poor patients in Portland from landing in the hospital again and again.

Health Share looks upstream at legal, housing issues that affect health

5/6/15|The Lund Report|by Kendra Hogue

Health Share launches the first Medical-Legal Partnership in Oregon to help OHP members deal with civil legal issues that are affecting their health.

Price of Addiction: Health Share reaches out to pregnant addicts

4/29/15|Portland Business Journal|by Elizabeth Hayes

Women addicted to heroin or who have other substance abuse problems are often very reluctant to seek out prenatal care when they get pregnant. Portland-based Health Share of Oregon is trying to overcome that attitude by creating a safe environment.

The Local Approach To Medicaid ACOs

4/17/15|OpenMinds|by Athena Mandros

Currently, there are 16 CCOs in Oregon that operate regionally and are “governed by a partnership among health care providers, community members, and stakeholders in the health systems that have financial responsibility and risk”. An example of this is Health Share of Oregon.

Health Care Systems Try to Cut Costs by Aiding the Poor and Troubled

3/22/15|New York Times|by Sabrina Tavernise

The work of Health Share's Health Commons grant is called out in this New York Times article on helping our most vulnerable members.

John A. Sanders appointed Chief Information Officer at Health Share of Oregon

3/19/15|Health Share of Oregon|by Health Share of Oregon

Health Share of Oregon announced the appointment of John A. Sanders as Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Tri-County Metro area coordinated care organization (CCO).

Dr. Maggie Bennington-Davis to join Health Share of Oregon as Senior Medical Director

2/25/15|Health Share of Oregon|by Health Share of Oregon

ealth Share of Oregon announced today the appointment of Dr. Maggie Bennington-Davis as Senior Medical Director of the Tri-County Metro area coordinated care organization (CCO).

Deborah Friedman appointed Chief Operations Officer

2/17/15|Health Share Newsroom|by Health Share of Oregon

Deborah Friedman has been appointed Chief Operations Officer for Health Share of Oregon, Oregon’s largest coordinated care organization.

Dr. David Labby: How to approach health care, homelessness and housing

1/27/15|Street Roots|by Christen McCurdy

Dr. David Labby, the chief medical officer of Health Share of Oregon, sat down to talk with Street Roots about the connection between health care and homelessness – and how to act on what we know.

Portland CCOs beef up transportation assistance to get members to appointments

11/14/14|Portland Business Journal|by Elizabeth Hayes

For some people, the biggest barrier to health care is simply lack of transportation.

ER trips test new ride

10/30/14|Portland Tribune|by Steve Law

When a medical call comes in to Portland’s 911 center, dispatchers routinely send a city fire crew and then an ambulance to drive the caller to a hospital emergency room.

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