Health Transformation

Over the past five years, there has been an impressive, transformative effort carried out within our health care system. We've seen our local communities come together to improve the health and health outcomes of Oregon Health Plan members, while simultaneously contributing cost savings to the system. Health Share has been at the center of it all, and our partners have done even more on their own to achieve Health Share's collective vision of a healthy community for all.

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Ready + Resilient - Narrative Report

Five Years of Health Transformation, 2012-2017

2nd Annual Transformation Alignment Summit | 2017 PowerPoint Slide Deck

Health Share, along with all of our partners, work within our community to connect our members with the services they need to be healthy, ultimately working toward the goal of better health, better care and smarter spending.

Achieving this Triple Aim will take working collaboratively to improve the way that patients, providers and health care delivery systems interact with one another.

Our health as individuals and as a region depends not just on the medical system, but also on the resources available to each of us in our communities. We are committed to making the health delivery system responsive to the needs of those we serve, and we are committed to strengthening partnerships with others outside the health care system to reach a mutual goal of ensuring the healthiest and most productive life possible for everyone.

In addition, Health Share works closely with community, state and local governments, health advocacy groups, communities of color and social service agencies to help address social determinants of health in a patient centered, culturally relevant way.

Collectively, these efforts provide the road map for how Health Share will transform the system to pay for positive health outcomes.